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6 September 2021

Ziwig, finalist for the prize Galien 2021

The prize Galien, which was created in France in 1970, is an emblem of scientific rigor, innovation and excellence. It encourages and rewards numerous innovative projects in health and pharmaceutical research. Today, it is internationally renowne for its contribution to stimulating health research.

Each year, the prize rewards 5 candidates in the 5 categories of the prize: drugs, research, medical devices, e-health and patient support.

Endoziwig (now Endoconnect) is proud to announce to be one of the 2021 finalists in the e-health category.

Endoziwig (now Endoconnect) is proud to announce to be one of the 2021 finalists in the “e-health” category.

It is a privilege for Endoziwig (now Endoconnect) to be part of this competition and to be in the running for the Galien prize. This is a recognition of the fruit of our work to make endometriosis known and recognized and to improve the quality of life of women affected by this disease. An honor for the men and women who participate daily in the creation, improvement and proper functioning of Endoziwig (now Endoconnect) for the benefit of patients!

Endoziwig (now Endoconnect) is an artificial intelligence platform focused on endometriosis patients. It speeds up diagnosis, optimizes the care process and improves the quality of life of endometriosis patients. Endoziwig (now Endoconnect) optimizes consultation time, enables data sharing during multidisciplinary consultation meetings, improves medical orientation and boosts clinical research. And this is just the beginning…

Endoziwig (now Endoconnect): the future of medicine, available today!