Ziwig Endotest®,
the first salivary diagnostic test for endometriosis

reducing the diagnosis time to just a few days. 

Ziwig puts its technology and unique know-how at the service of women’s health and endometriosis in particular.

Ziwig Endotest® makes it possible to diagnose endometriosis at the patient’s location using a simple saliva sample.

Ziwig’s centralised laboratory sequences salivary RNA

and the digital platform uses machine learning algorithms to deliver a reliable result using a proprietary and scientifically validated technique.

Ziwig Endotest® is available on prescription for specific indications in a certain number of countries.

To see the countries where Ziwig Endotest® is available and the conditions of its use:

« Ziwig Endotest® is a breakthrough in the diagnosis of millions of women worldwide. It will avoid many surgical interventions and will allow the early implementation of treatments that will change their daily lives. In addition, this test will help to put a name to a very disabling symptomatology and will contribute to hastening the recognition of this chronic disease in society, in working life and in education. »

Pr Sofiane Bendifallah
Director of the Expert Centre for Endometriosis and the Clinical Research Group of Sorbonne University (GRC 6 C3E)

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