Our culture

Ziwig is committed
to disruptive innovation
for the benefit of all.

We believe
that progress in molecular biology and data processing will make it possible to prevent and to anticipate diagnoses, and adapt treatment to the molecular dysfunctions specific to each individual and for a large number of conditions or diseases.

We know
that the development of products and services for this precision medicine relies on the multiple and complementary expertise of doctors, biologists, scientists and engineers.

We require of ourselves
that all our research and projects constitute concrete, actionable and breakthrough improvements for all patients regardless of their conditions and backgrounds.

We are committed

In fields that transform patients’ lives: women’s health, cancer, neurology, mental health.
In close contact with patients and end-users: we maintain a direct link with patients, researchers and professionals through our digital platform.
In the highest scientific, technical and ethical requirements: breakthrough innovations based on health data processing require the utmost scientific rigour and validation of all our solutions by real-life clinical trials published in independent peer-reviewed scientific journals.
With an open, pragmatic and ambitious mindset:

Our know-how and technologies are open and transferable to a wide range of pathologies and situations.

Our research projects and solutions are scalable and adaptable to our partners’ capabilities and useful for patients.

We are fast without being in a hurry so that our innovations benefit the greatest number of people swiftly and so that we do not waste the talents and resources mobilised within our company and among our partners.

We are determined to relentlessly pursue research at the frontiers of knowledge in close connection with basic research for the benefit of clinicians and all patients.

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