Ziwig innovates and works in an ecosystem.

We believe in the virtue of trusted relationships and partnership with all stakeholders.


Ziwig develops tests and services for patients in close cooperation with them. Their involvement is essential for :

research by participating in clinical trials or the prospective cohort.

and improving the user experience related to the use of tests and products.

the culture of precision medicine: information, training, events.

the priority needs of users.

Healthcare professionals

Ziwig cooperates with healthcare professionals to identify, develop and adapt its products and services to their needs and practices.

Our aim is to simplify, facilitate and make more efficient the work of all health professionals for the benefit of their patients.

We are also developing tools to better understand innovations in the field of precision medicine, in order to secure and promote their use within the healthcare system.



Ziwig pursues an intense research activity at the intersection of basic clinical, translational and social science research.

Our research programmes are based on academic and institutional partnerships and cover all stages of development from the discovery of biological mechanisms to the modalities of access or use.
Our partners are either public or private.

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