SALIVA and AI in the service of accessible innovations to transform our health.

Molecular biology and AI allow us to identify new biomarkers in saliva. This individual information combined with real life data on our Multi Omics platform allows us to :

  • – diagnose several diseases :
  • – predict the effectiveness of treatments ;
  • – monitor the evolution of diseases and conditions ;
  • – create new services and digital therapeutics ;
  • – accelerate research and clinical trials.

The photos on our website

Because a beautiful picture is often better than a long speech, Ziwig has chosen to regularly feature on its website photos taken by passionate photographers, all dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of women in our societies.

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An ecosystem approach based on the highest scientific standards

The commitment of patients and healthcare professionals alongside biologists, engineers and data scientists, all united by the same passion for health, innovation and scientific excellence, makes Ziwig an agile, enthusiastic and efficient partner for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

At the heart of molecular biology

RNAs contribute to the regulation of gene expression and the production of proteins responsible for the onset and progression of disease.

Close to phenotypes and behaviours

By analysing salivary RNA profiles with our MultiOmics platform and comparing them with real-life data, we identify transcriptomic profiles in saliva that correspond to different conditions and diseases.

Early diagnosis with
a few drops of saliva accessible everywhere thanks to machine learning

Ziwig can detect at an early stage the biological changes responsible for the appearance of diseases and their evolution throughout the life of patients by analyzing salivary RNA and using artificial intelligence .

Innovations to develop precision medicine and transform health systems

Ziwig accelerates the research and development of disruptive products and services for the benefit of patients and the professionals who support them in the transformation and improvement of healthcare systems.

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