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The saliva test* available to healthcare professionals for the diagnosis of endometriosis:
a breakthrough for women’s health!

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Ziwig supports
women and health professionals in the fight against endometriosis.

The detection of the disease is at the core of the national strategy to fight endometriosis put in place in January 2022 by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

Ziwig: a global approach of the endometriosis to
improve the quality of life and the care of the patients.

Ziwig’s other solutions to improve quality of life and patient care. In parallel of Ziwig Endotest®, Ziwig has developed digital solutions to facilitate the care path and to live better with endometriosis, in complete autonomy. Discover the other solutions of Ziwig:

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This page is exclusively intended for healthcare professionals.

* Ziwig Endotest® is an in vitro diagnostic device reserved exclusively for professional use for the diagnosis of endometriosis on salivary samples.
Ziwig Endotest® is an innovative diagnostic method based on the analysis of salivary miRNAs and the identification of phenotypic profiles characteristic of endometriosis identified by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) method and modeled by AI.
Read carefully the information provided with Ziwig Endotest®. Manufacturer: Ziwig. Update: 06/2022

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